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The Only Toronto Contractor Bold Enough To GUARANTEE You The Highest Quality Exterior Project.

Since 1981, We’ve Developed Error-PROOF Protocols To Ensure Stellar Results… Every. Single. Time.

Walker Home Contracting Services

Let’s face it: You never hear a contractor guarantee amazing results.

Most contractors just don’t have the systems in place to guarantee your project won’t be a lemon.

Fortunately, we are not most contractors.

At Walker Contracting, we are one of the only exterior companies in Toronto bold enough to GUARANTEE you a stunning project—one that lasts for life.

For 35 years we’ve been developing a special system that GUARANTEES quality—every time. It’s called the Walker Process, and it’s a series of hyper-strict protocols and regulations we use to ensure a fantastic exterior renovation.

Under the Walker Process, every detail is considered. You see it in how we repair all rot and structural problems under your roof before we install your new one. You see it when we waterproof under your siding to ensure it lasts forever. You see it during the final inspection when we correct anything that’s not 100% perfect. With our Walker Process, NOTHING falls through the cracks.

But we don’t just provide perfect workmanship; we supply a fantastic experience. We hire employees with care for their craft… and a passion for people. We respect you, clean up our messes, and treat your home like a castle.

Our “treat you right” attitude extends to our NO sales-pressure stance. We perform an estimate, discuss the best solution for your situation, and let YOU make the decision. It’s that simple.

It has been more than three decades since we established Walker Contracting. And to this day, we are as unwilling to compromise on our quality or our construction methods as we were on day one. Which is a good thing, because if you’re like most Toronto homeowners, you want an exterior project that’s done right… the first time!

At Walker Contracting, we deliver that. We GUARANTEE it.


Peter & Greg Walker
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