3 Home Improvements That WillReduce Your Heating Bill
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3 Home Improvements That Will Reduce Your Heating Bill

Posted May 25, 2016

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When you live in Ontario, you have to be ready for the weather. If your heater breaks right before winter, that’s not a problem you can ignore. The same should be true for other parts of your home; why pay extra to heat a drafty house when spending a little on home renovations in Etobicoke will make you comfortable and save you money on utilities? Instead of suffering unnecessarily, take these three steps to improve your energy consumption.

1. Modernize Your Windows

Wooden windows can be really lovely. However, when you’re in charge of maintaining them and they’re responsible for keeping heat inside your house, they become a problem. The material used to make windows is vastly better now than it was even 15 years ago. Updating to state-of-the-art windows will put an end to the constant upkeep and improve your home’s ability to maintain the right temperature.

2. Get a New Front Door

If you think that heat is only escaping through your front door when it’s open, you are sorely mistaken. Doors do so much expanding and contracting through the seasons that it’s hard for them to stay in the right position. If you’re focused on using less energy, having a new entryway meticulously installed should be part of your home renovations in Etobicoke.

3. Update Your Siding

You’d be surprised how much heat escapes through the walls of your house, especially if you’ve just been repainting your old siding every time it starts looking bad. Just like windows, the technology used for siding has greatly improved. Affordable, long-lasting panels can make your house look better, increase the resale value and chip away at heating costs.

Before the ice and snow arrive, get your house ready to keep the heat inside and your energy bill down. Finding the right company to handle your home renovations in Etobicoke will set you up for a warm, inexpensive winter.

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