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How Long Has Walker Contracting Been In Business?

Peter and Greg Walker opened Walker Contracting in 1981. Thirty-five years and over 4,000 customers later, we’ve become one of the most trusted and established exterior contractors in Toronto. Click here to visit our About Us page and learn more.

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What Kinds Of Renovations Do You Specialize In?

We perform a variety of exterior projects, including roofing, windows, siding, eaves troughs, doors, and chimneys. In all instances, we use the absolute best products and guarantee fantastic results. Visit our Services page for more details.

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What Is The Walker Process & How Does It Ensure I Get What I Want?

The Walker Process is our set of hyper-strict quality controls that guarantees your project is done right. Since 1981, we’ve perfected the process to ensure the absolute pinnacle of quality and service. To find our more, visit our Walker Process page.

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Where Are You On The Pricing Scale? Low? Average? High?

Strictly in terms of cost, we’re a little higher than average. But in terms of overall value, we hands-down give you the most for your money. No one can offer the superb materials, installation, and service performance we can for the same price—no one. Visit the Why Choose Us section of this website to find out why Toronto homeowners select us for their exterior projects.

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How Can I Be Sure I Will Get A Quality Job At A Fair Price?

It all comes down to a contractor’s reputation. Make sure the contractor has a ton of happy clients who love his work. Perform your due diligence and make sure the contractor can provide you with testimonials and references. Once you find that a company is trustworthy, the rest falls into place. Our free Contractors Standards Guide has all of the information you need to help you make the right choice when hiring a contractor. If you’d like to see some of our own testimonials or contact some references, visit the Reputation section of this website.

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What Is Your Stance On Sales Pressure?

At Walker Contracting, sales pressure is strictly prohibited. We believe in educating our customers on the best solution for their situation and budget. If you want to know more about our aversion to sales pressure, read our Service page.

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What About The Workers Who Will Be In My Home?

We hire people we would trust in our own homes and around our own families. Our installers are experienced, professional, and respectful. Their goal is to ensure your project is done right the first time, while providing a pleasant, low-stress remodeling experience. Visit our Workmanship page for more details.

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