Professional Roofing Repair and Installation in West Toronto
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Roofs That Look Stunning, Last Decades & Withstand Toronto’s Harshest Weather.

The Industry’s Best Roofing System & Our Obsession With Detail GUARANTEES A Job Done Right.

Professional Roofing Installation & Repair Contractors Toronto

We’ll be honest: Any contractor can install new shingles and make your roof look nice.

But it’s what the contractor does underneath those shingles that really matters.

When you tear off an old roof, a host of problems often lurk beneath the surface—rot, leaks, structural issues… you name it. Unfortunately, many contractors are too inexperienced or unskilled (or just plain lazy!) to fix these problems.

The result? A roof that looks good… but WILL need to be repaired within a few years.

At Walker Contracting, we install the best products AND fix underlying problems to ensure the longest-lasting roof.

Here’s how:

If you’re looking for a roof that’s beautiful and protects your home for decades, contact us today for a no-pressure consultation. We will inspect your roof and educate you on the best, most cost-effective solution for your situation. We look forward to hearing from you!