When it comes to windows, we know and install all kinds of options, from vinyl to metal to fiberglass.
In our opinion, the best window for Toronto homeowners is without a doubt the fiberglass Infinity Window by Marvin.

Here’s why:

Strongest Frame: Infinity Windows are made with an exclusive fiberglass-based material called Ultrex. Ultrex is eight times stronger than vinyl, three times stronger than wood-vinyl composites, and is as strong as STEEL.

No Leaks Or Fogging: Infinity Windows expand and contract at about the same rate as glass. Seals remain super tight and moisture is locked out. This means no foggy windows—EVER.

Beautiful: To achieve true beauty, Infinity Windows mimic the look of real wood, with strong true mitered corners (instead of typical sloppy welding). There are even stainable wood interior options, so you get the exact look you want.

Ultra Efficient: With Infinity Windows, you save hundreds on your energy bills every year.

Flawless Installation: Our Walker Process guarantees a job done right the first time. We perfectly install flashing, replace rotted wood, and provide an installation that lasts. We’re so good at window installation that Marvin has named us their exclusive Infinity dealer in Toronto.

If you want to explore Infinity Windows by Marvin in more detail, we’d be honored to give you a consultation and quote. Contact us today to schedule your quote. We can’t wait to meet you in person.

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