3 Less Than Obvious Signs You Need Roof Repairs

When you are in need of roof repairs in Toronto, you want to get it as soon as possible. If you delay essential repairs, then you are going to have to pay even more in the long run. You may even need to replace the entire roof if the damage becomes too severe. Pay attention to the warning signs even if they are not immediately indicative of a roof issue.

1. Peeling Paint From Walls

When most homeowners think of water leaking through a roof, they assume it is going to come from directly above. Most people are familiar with having to put a pot or pan down on the floor to prevent leaks from damaging a home’s flooring. However, there are other indicators water is coming through even if it is not visible. You may see paint or wallpaper beginning to peel off your home’s walls. Many homeowners assume this means there is a problem with the siding or paint itself, but it could be a sign of a roof problem.

2. Algae

Roof repairs in Toronto may be required due to the structure’s constant exposure to the elements. It is constantly bombarded with rain and then sunlight. These conditions promote the formation of algae, which can damage the roofing over time. Hire a professional to remove algae because you do not want to risk doing more harm than good by attempting to remove it yourself.

3. Light Shining Through

Unless you have a skylight, you should never see sunlight coming through your roof. When you go up into your attic, you do not want to see small beams of light permeating the room. If you do, then you need to take immediate action before a big rain storm comes into town.

Do not wait in getting roof repairs in Toronto. The sooner you repair your roofing, the sooner you can be more confident in your home’s integrity.

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