Can Sliding Doors Save Energy?

Sliding glass doors can be a great feature to have in any home. They normally consist of two large glass panels that glide on a track. They let in lots of light and since they do not swing in or out, they do not take up valuable floor space. Traditionally, these types of doors have not possessed energy-efficient qualities. They were more suited to appearance and convenience, but today’s technologies have opened up more possibilities for having the proverbial cake and eating it, too.

From the frame to the types of glass used, sliding doors in Etobicoke are more leak-proof and secure than ever. You can find them in many materials and styles. Some door frames are made from fiberglass, which is great at standing up to extreme weather. Aluminum provides corrosion-resistance and is less expensive than wood. It is also recyclable. Steel, vinyl and wood sliding doors are all options as well, but fiberglass can mimic the look of real wood and has superior energy efficiency.

Go with a great company for your doors, too. Walker Contracting was recognized by HomeStars for their significant charitable work in the Etobicoke community. They won the Giving Back Award in 2015.

You have some great options available for sliding doors in Etobicoke, but make sure you ask about energy savings as well. Walker Contracting has the best products to match your needs.

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