We Don’t Just Improve Homes…
We Improve Our Community.

We Donate A Significant Portion Of Our Advertising Budget To Community Causes & Have Programs To Support Local Charities.

Passion for people.

At Walker Contracting, it’s what governs our stellar work. But it’s also why we’re BIG supporters of local causes.

As established members of the community, we believe it’s our responsibility to help maintain it. That’s why, since 2000, we’ve dedicated a large part of our advertising budget to the communities we service.

One of our major programs is “Signs for Charity.” In 2006, we started “Signs for Charity” to help local charities. Here’s how it works: Every April, we ask past customers to place a Walker Contracting job sign on their lawn for two weeks. In return, we donate approximately $10,000.00 to 8 local charities.

In addition to the Signs for Charity program, we donate thousands of dollars to local school fairs and numerous youth sports programs. Every cent we give stays in the community.

Why are we telling you about our charity programs? We believe it’s important to raise awareness about giving back to our communities. But we also want to assure you that your project is in the most caring hands.

Think about it: We treat the people in our community right… so how do you think we’ll treat your project? That’s right… RIGHT!

Visit the Why Choose Us section of this site to see how our passion for people extends to your exterior project. And if you would like more information about our charity programs, feel free to contact us. We would love to provide you with more details.


Some Of The Communities We Support:

  • Parent Education Network
  • York Township Tri-Hards
  • Humber Valley Village Junior Middle School’s Fall Fun Fair
  • Etobicoke Collegiate Institute
  • Sunnylea Family Day
  • North Toronto Baseball Association
  • Etobicoke Thunder Elite
  • Islington Baseball
  • Humber Valley Hockey
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • North York Hockey Club
  • The Dorothy Ley Hospice
  • Sleeping Children Around the World
  • The Moorelands Camp for Children
  • Greenholme Community Breakfast Club
  • The George Hull Centre
  • Safehaven
  • Park Lawn Junior Middle School – Palooza (fun fair)
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Norseman JMS Fall Fair
  • Fellowship of Sts. Cyril and Methodios – Charity Golf Tournament
  • Renegades Rexdale Baseball


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