Doors And Windows Can Have It All: Beauty, Brains And Brawn

When it’s time to replace your home’s doors and windows in Etobicoke, you want something more than the status quo. Something that offers long-lasting energy efficiency and beauty, too. Vinyl is a popular option, but why stop there? For strength, dependability and energy efficiency, your best option is Ultrex.

What is Ultrex?

Ultrex is a strong fiberglass material invented by Marvin Windows and Doors more than 20 years ago. One tiny square inch can support more than 34,000 lbs., which is about the same weight as two monster trucks. In stress testing, Ultrex was found to have nearly six times the tensile strength (resistance to stretching) of vinyl and eight times the flexural modulus strength (resistance to bending).

Pretty and Practical

Why is strength important for doors and windows in Etobicoke? Because Canadian winters are tough. You want something that can stand up to the repeated stress and strain of the elements, not only for comfort but for appearance, too. Ultrex boasts a finish that is three times wider than many comparative products, making it more resistant to cracks, chips and peeling.

Ultrex is also energy efficient, helping to reduce heat loss through windows and doors while blocking heat during the warmer months. Because it expands at much the same rate as glass, Ultrex doors and windows retain their tight fit and resistance to leaks and cracks.

Benefits of Fiberglass

Fiberglass is used in many industries to strengthen a variety of products such as bridges, ladders and boats. It won’t leak or rust and it resists expansion and contraction movements during temperature extremes. This unique material has been thoroughly tested in all coastal regions of the U.S. and given the green light as an approved building material for use in hurricane zones of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

When you are ready to replace your home’s doors and windows in Etobicoke, consider all your options. Ultrex products have got it all in one package: lasting beauty, brains and brawn.

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