Everything you need to know about gutters

Spring showers bring flowers, but rain in any season often brings thoughts of eavestrough installation in Etobicoke, where many homeowners need them. There are several things to keep in mind as you consider your need for eavestroughs and installation options.

Purpose of Eavestroughs

Eavestroughs are installed on eaves, which is the part of the roof that meets or hangs over the walls of a building. They go by many names, such as eaves channels, water collection channels, eaves gutters, rain gutters and, most simply, gutters.

The purpose of eavestroughs is to channel water off a roof and away from a building, typically through downspouts or drainpipes that are connected to cisterns or drainage systems. Without gutters, rainwater pours directly off a roof onto whatever is underneath, which may be your head. Water that is not appropriately channeled away can cause serious problems, including basement flooding, foundation and siding damage, mold growth and erosion that ruins the appearance of lawns and landscaping.

Types of Eavestroughs

There are many types of eavestroughs. They are made of a wide variety of materials, including plastics and various metals, such as iron, steel, aluminum, copper and lead. They also have different styles, such as K-style or semi-circular and sectional or seamless, and some styles include leaf or debris guards. Look for different types of eavestroughs in your region. What works best for you depends on your building and budget.

Eavestrough Installation

There are DYI options for installing sectional eavestroughs if you know what you are doing and take necessary safety precautions. Seamless gutters are more challenging and generally require professional installation. For gutters to function properly, they need to be installed with appropriate slopes, distances, downpipes, hanging systems and fasteners.

Professional installation can ensure that eavestroughs function properly and do not come crashing down with parts of your roof. If you are considering eavestrough installation in Etobicoke, consult with local roofing professionals or other gutter installation experts first before attempting it yourself.

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