How To Tell If Your Eavestrough Is Broken

An eavestrough is a valuable investment if you live in an area that sees heavy rains fairly frequently. This device will be able to keep water away from your home so that it does not seep in and cause damage. Over time, an eavestrough in West Toronto may start to break down, and there are warning signs you should watch out for to tell if you require a new one.


Naturally, if water is getting inside your home, then there is a problem. Although you should also inspect the roofing and siding, the problem may lie with the gutter system. If you notice water coming down the side of your building, then it should be taken as a sign that your eavestrough is inadequate and requires replacement.

Damaged Soffit

Another sign that you need to call a professional from Walker Contracting is that your building’s soffit begins to rot. The reason for this is that water is not draining properly, so it accumulates in a single spot and damages your roof. A rotting soffit needs to be repaired or replaced right away before more extensive damage occurs.


The entire purpose of a gutter system is to remove water from your house, so if it starts to overflow, then something has gone wrong. You should inspect your gutters frequently to make sure debris has not built up and is preventing water from going through. Anyone who has gutters that are clean but still overflow may simply require a total replacement in order to handle immense rainfall.

Similarly to how you need to perform regular maintenance inside your house to ensure everything remains in tip-top shape, you need to maintain the outside as well. Take a look at your eavestrough in West Toronto regularly to ensure it is still functioning as it should. A contractor can come out to your home in order to see if repairs are all that is needed or if a completely new eavestrough is necessary.

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