Sliding Door Options

Using sliding doors in your home remodeling project can open up a variety of style options. Here are some of the common types of sliding doors in west Toronto that can add to the look, value, and function of your home.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are great when you need to have a door solution in a small space without hinges. These single panel doors slide into a pocket within the wall as they are being opened. They are usually the size of an average home’s interior door and can have a lockable feature. This option lends itself to a variety of home styles from contemporary to classic.

Bypass Doors

Instead of disappearing into a wall, bypass doors move along tracks located above and below the door frame on either its left or right side. Bypass doors can be designed to be very large, but that also means that you will need more wall space to accommodate the tracks and door panel.

Often known as barn doors in rustic home settings, bypass sliding doors in West Toronto are made in many different finishes that can be used in a variety of home décor styles including traditional and contemporary.

Patio Doors

The most common type of patio doors has two glass panels, one which moves open and shut, and one that is fixed in the door frame. Larger than a conventional exterior door opening, they are great for letting light into the home. There is also a patio door style called a three light patio door. This type of door has two fixed glass panels for extra window space and one movable glass panel for entry.

Sliding doors are easy to use, energy efficient, and are a space saving option that offers you ready access to transitional areas in your home. When it comes to sliding doors in West Toronto, you have a variety of choices to meet the unique requirements of your home.

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