Sneaky Roof Leaks: Where They Hide

Toronto homeowners know that weatherproofing their homes is not something to take lightly. If your roof has damaged or missing shingles, or you’re noticing leaks inside the house, it’s clearly time to consult a company that specializes in roof repairs in Toronto.But where are those annoying leaks coming from?Some of the sources might surprise you.

Chimneys, dormer windows, and vents, or anything that projects through the roof, have sharp angles and joints around their bases.A material called “flashing,” typically thin sheets of metal, is applied to cover and seal these areas.Flashing can rust or become loose over time.Similarly, plumbing vent pipes often have a rubber “boot,” or gasket, surrounding the cylindrical base of the pipe where the pipe sticks out from the roof.The rubber boot can become damaged in the sun over time and lose its tight seal around the pipe.

Did you or the home’s previous owner once have a satellite dish or antenna installed on the roof? Even a small hole in the roof is a potential starting point for a leak, especially if openings were never properly sealed or seals have become damaged. Furthermore, areas with caulking or sealant of any kind are always potential suspects for leaks.

Ice dams are another troublesome cause for having to make roof repairs in Toronto.When melting snow trickles down to the roof’s cold edge and freezes, it creates a tiny dam.Water continues trickling down and collects in this dam.The water can then seep up and underneath roof shingles.

Some roofs have a barrier made of plastic underneath the surface.This barrier protects roof insulation from moisture.If water gets under the shingles, it can then find its way to a perforation in the plastic barrier – a ceiling light fixture, for example.

Roof repairs for Toronto homeowners can be a manageable endeavour with the help of a professional roofing company. A professional will properly investigate and repair each one of these potentially leaky spots so they don’t cause more serious damage to your home.

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